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About Padma Scientific Co.

Padma Scientific Co. is one of the Importer and Supplier, Dealer, Stockiest of the Complete range of Scientific Instrument, Laboratory Equipment, Weighing Scales, Lab Consumables, Quality Control Requisites, Textile Inspections Instruments, Laboratory Chemicals and Glassware in Bangladesh. It’s also an online shop of lab equipment and lab chemicals. We take order online and deliver within 3 working days in Dhaka City and within 5 working days anywhere in Bangladesh.

Padma Scientific Co. is the leading Supplier of World-renowned Manufacturers and Brands such as
Jadever Weighing scales, Hanna Instrument, Hach Company, Wincom China, Testo USA, Lutron, KERN, T-
Scale, James Heal, Martor, SDC, VeriVide, Schroder, Persil, Ariel, Tide, Aqua Boy, Loba, Philips,
Merck, Pyrex, Duran, PolyLab, and many others reputed brands.

Padma Scientific Co. has good logistics support of the various consumable products All Kinds of Instrument, Chemicals, Glassware, Electronic balance,& School, College, University, Pharmaceuticals, Paints, Cement, Garment & Textile, Agricultural, Food & Beverage, Fisheries, Biotechnology, Environmental, etc. Padma Scientific Co. a supplier of Weight Scale, Testing Equipment, instruments, Consumables Products & Online Seller since 2015 which specialized in resourcing a wide range of world’s professional prominent brand’s Weight Scale, Analytical Balances, Equipment & Consumable products, etc. for educational institute, paint industries, pharmaceuticals, textiles testing labs in Bangladesh.

To meet the requirement of our valued clients, Padma Scientific Co. strictly ensures the quality of the goods and services. Most of the products collected & imported from distributors, manufacturers, importers of different countries of the world which requires the best for our clients. We offer a reasonable and competitive price to our clients with standard quality, prompt delivery & after-sales service as well. We are committed to maintaining market demand as well as given preference to our customers first.

Padma Scientific Co. develops a strong relationship with clients by giving a quick response from the authentic sources & trade channels against their requirements; which saves the client’s time & cost. Its historically close cooperation with the scientific community is the key to Padma Scientific Co.’ tradition of innovation, which draws on users’ ideas and creates solutions tailored to their requirements.