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Padma Scientific Co. Is a Importer and Suppliers all kinds of Scientific laboratory equipment Testing meters Instruments lab Glassware Plastic ware Textile testing equipment Pharmaceuticals Row Material and Industrial QC products, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Physics, Environmental and Fisheries, Chemical and water testing kits. in Bangladesh

Padma Scientific Co. is a Importer and Suppliers wholesaler and Online store of Scientific Laboratory Testing Products for School, Collage, University, Food Industries, Textile testing Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Reagent Chemical Laboratory Testing meter Laboratory Glassware and Plastic ware, Electronic Scale Analytical Balance, Digital Weight scale

Laboratory Equipment Supplier In Bangladesh

Our Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Muffle furnace, Laboratory Oven, Laboratory Incubator, Laboratory Water Bath, Laboratory Ultrasonic cleaner, Laboratory Viscometer, Laboratory Vacuum pump, Laboratory Vortex mixer, Laboratory Orbital Shaker, Laboratory Testing Sieve, Laboratory Polari meter, Laboratory Rotary Evaporator, Laboratory Sieve Vibrator, Laboratory Spectrophotometer, Laboratory Turbidity meter, Laboratory Microscope, Laboratory Nitrogen container, Laboratory Oscilloscope, Laboratory Over head stirrer, Laboratory Magnetic stirrer hot plate, Laboratory Melting point apparatus, Laboratory Micro pipette, Laboratory Hardness tester, Laboratory heating mantle, Laboratory Hot plate, Laboratory BOD Incubator, Laboratory Autoclave, Laboratory Distilled water machine, etc.

Laboratory Testing Meter Supplier In Bangladesh

Our Laboratory Meter, Laboratory pH meter, Laboratory TDS meter, Laboratory Conductivity meter, Laboratory Dissolved oxygen meter, Laboratory Thermometer, Laboratory Infrared Thermometer, Digital Hygrometer, Temperature & Humidity meter, Digital Caliper, Digital Micrometer, Digital Tachometer, Digital Carbon dioxide meter, Digital Carbon monoxide meter, Digital Anemometer, Digital Lux meter, Digital Sound Level meter, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Digital Stop watch, Digital Soil ph meter, Soil ph meter, Digital Thickness meter, Digital Grain Moisture meter, Digital Wood moisture meter, Refractometer, Psychrometer Whirling Hygrometer, Wet and Dry Bulb, pH electrode, ORP meter, Salinity meter, etc.

Best Quality Scientific Instruments And Chemical & Glassware Store In Bangladesh

Padma Scientific Co. Supplier of scientific laboratory Products.  carries thousand plus of laboratory equipment scientific instruments and consumables such as weight scale, Textile testing equipment and lights, Color Assessment Cabinets, GSM Balance, GSM Cutter, Multifiber, Rubbing Fabric pH meters, TDS meter Laboratory Detergents, Crocking Cloth, Rubbing Cloth, Multifibre (DW), pH paper, color guides, Laboratory Glassware moisture analyzer meters, Gas volume tester vernier calipers, physics, chemistry and biology laboratory item.Padma Scientific Co.  also a Importer & supplier, retailer, distributor, of lab item and services such as Glassware & Plastic ware, chemicals, equipment and supplies used in scientific research and applied science and life science worldwide.

Quality No Compromise

There are lots of products in the scientific market with different types of quality. But we strongly Promise that we are not compromising with the product quality. We always try to supply our clients with the original, Brand & Quality tested products. 

Preferred Area Of Our Work

We think that we are capable to supply and support for every laboratory in Bangladesh. But we Preferred Textile, Garments, Paint, Cement, Food industries, Dairy Products, School and College, University, Microbiology, Fisheries, Surgical, Pharmaceutical & Industrial  Laboratory to supply our Products. We are a supplier of school laboratory equipment, college laboratory equipment, textile testing instruments & consumables, paint industries chemicals & laboratory equipment, food lab equipment, and cement industries testing equipment and chemicals in Bangladesh.

Highlighted Category Of Our Products

We try to stocked and collected all types of products for all laboratories. But we especially keep our Imported for Digital Weight Scale (Jadever weighing scale, HANDK, Yauhua, Ohaus, KERN Moisture Analyzer and Collected products T-Scale, AND, Adam, Shimadzu, Satrious, etc.), Laboratory Glassware or Instruments (Pyrex, Duran, Glassco Wheel, etc.), Plastic-ware (Poly-lab, Tarson Duran, etc.), Laboratory Detergents ECE/IEC Phosphate and Non Phosphate Detergent  (Persil, Ariel, Tide, Tead etc.), water and Chemical Testing Kits & Strips like pH Paper, Peroxide Test Paper, Iron Test Kits, Hardness Test Kit Dissolve Oxygen test kit, Nitrate & Nitrite Test kit, Ammonia sea water & Fresh Water Test Kits, Alkalinity Test Kit  etc. We also supply Oven, Incubator, Muffle Furnace, water Bath, Centrifuge machine, Distilled water machine, Magnetic Stirrer with Hot plate, Heating mantle, Colony counter, Binocular Microscope, Autoclave machine, Spectrophotometer, BOD Incubator, D.O Meter, pH meter, Conductivity Meter, Digital Manometer, inferred Thermometer, Ultrasonic cleaner, Viscosity meter, Rotary evaporator, Hardness meter, Moisture Analyzer, Melting meter, Vortex mixer, Micropipette, Analytical Balance Laminar air Flow, Flask shaker,GSM Balance, GSM Blades, Pantone book, Inspection Lights, Different types of Meters, Jadever weighing scale, Filter Papers, Dairy Equipment, all laboratory products for School-College and many more scientific requisites. 

First Online Store Of Scientific Laboratory Products

Is the first online store or shop for scientific laboratory products in Bangladesh. Through the online shop, we want to deliver scientific equipment and lab consumable items from root producers to the final user and real consumers.

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We would like to receive your feedback about our products, services and our online store. Keep in contact with us and feel free to express any opinion, viewpoint, suggestion or comment that you might have. You can call us at our Hotline: 01720 342211, 01312497470 (9:00 AM to 8:00 PM); Saturday to Thursday except government holiday. You also contact us via our official social media pages

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